Customer Appreciation: Janice Smith

Farmer Dalton put together a list of interview questions to ask our customers. Meet Janice Smith! Janice is a longtime Terravine Growers CSA customer. Read on to learn about what she thinks of the program, how she uses the Terravine Growers vegetables and more!


Q: How many years have you been part of the Terravine Growers CSA Program?

Janice: This is our 4th year of receiving CSA Box delivery from Terravine Growers.

Q: How satisfied are you with the CSA this year?

Janice: We are extremely satisfied with the CSA Box from Terravine Growers this year. So far, I wouldn’t change a thing!

Q: What is your favorite part of the Terravine Growers CSA Program?

Janice: Knowing that the every Box has vegetables grown Locally and such amazing quality, is our favorite part of the Terravine Growers CSA Program 

Q: How would you rate the average quality of the vegetables?

Janice: They are over the top fresh and clean!

Q: What is your favorite vegetable?

Janice: My favorite vegetable is the lettuce. This lettuce lasts such a long time because it is fresh and hydroponically grown. However, it never “lasts long” because it is so good we eat it quickly.

Q: What is your least favorite vegetable?

Janice: My least favorite vegetable is KALE. I love it, it doesn’t love me. 


Q: What is one of your favorite recipes of all time?

Janice: My favorite recipe to use is, well I have two. Terravine Growers Vegetable Stir Fry* and Bok Choy with Mango and Quinoa. 

*Check out Janice’s Terravine Stir Fry as one of our featured recipes!

Q: Do you read the newsletter?

Janice: I read the newsletter each week and enjoy sharing with with other so they can see this great program that the guys are involved in.

Q: Do you have any further questions, comments or compliments to add?

Janice: I would like to add that we are thankful for this opportunity given to us to receive a CSA Box from Terravine Growers. I wish it could be delivered to us year round!  

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