Employment Among the Disability Community: Why We Do What We Do

In the United States today, only 1 in 3 adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) are employed.

Of those adults with I/DD who are employed, nearly half continue to be employed in sheltered workshops – places of employment in which people with I/DD are employed separately from their neurotypical and typically-abled peers. In addition, regardless of where a person with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities is employed, almost all adults with I/DD are underemployed – working less than full time and/or being paid less than minimum wage.

Across the United States, people with disabilities are advocating for themselves and their community to achieve equity in competitive employment opportunities and taking the initiative to create innovative employment opportunities for themselves through self-employment and entrepreneurship.

Terravine Growers is one of those examples. Here at Terravine Growers, we believe in the power of celebrating and applying each of our unique abilities to make our communities and ourselves better. Through our sustainable farm, CSA program, and retail partnerships we are creating a more sustainable future for ourselves, for our planet, and for our local and regional food system. We are also setting an example for future generations of folks with I/DD that sustainable, fair and meaningful employment – both competitive in the community and self-employment – is not only possible but also a right for all of us with the desire to work.

As supporters of Terravine Growers, you are standing alongside of us as we advocate for ourselves and our community and as we work towards a future that truly values the skills, abilities and potential of all of us.

Thank you for sharing our commitment and investing in that very future.

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