Meet the Farmers: Scott and Steve

It’s week 14 of the Terravine Growers CSA Program and fall is on its way. It has been a great season so far and here to share more details about this farming season are farmers Steve and Scott.

Q: What is your favorite vegetable to eat?

Scott: Tomato

Steve: Lettuce

Q: What is your favorite vegetable to grow?

Steve: Squash

Scott: Tomatoes

Q: What is your favorite work task on the farm?

Scott: Potting up plants in the greenhouse.

Steve: Transplanting outside.

Q: Do you like going on CSA deliveries? 

Scott: Yeah

Steve: Yeah

Q: Do you prefer Ellensburg or Bellevue deliveries?

Steve: Bellevue delivery.

Scott: Ellensburg.

Q: Do you like working for Terravine Growers?

Scott: Yes!

Steve: Yeah!

Q: What do you like better about Terravine Growers – working with your peers or working on a farm?

Scott: Working on a farm.

Steve: The farm.


The Terravine Growers team is proud to support our customers with great tasting produce all season long. It is through teamwork, celebrating our strengths, and hard work that we keep our farm healthy and sustainable. Thank you for supporting Terravine Growers!



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