Our Haiku Poems!

During the winter when the farm is sleeping, we enjoying learning! We had a short lesson on haiku poems and these are what we came up with! We hope you enjoy them!

By Tyler
Terravine Growers
Sell people our crop boxes
Tyler delivers

By Ben
I like the chickens
Sometimes I feed them some worms
They make me happy

By Jake & Heather
You can help us shine
Here on the farm or in town
Just call Ms Heather

By Stephen and Devin
Hydroponic plants
I put them into my mouth
They are delicious

By Scott
I want to go swing
I want to drink Dr. Pepper
I need a haircut

By Ben
Pineapple is good
I like to eat pineapple
I cut pineapple

Come Back
By Brock
Volunteers come back!
We remember you are nice
We have work to do!

Sweet Potatoes
By Dalton
Sweet but not sour
Butter, honey, agave
Eaten in dinner

By Nathan
I want to go out
I like to be with Lily
I want to go home

Community Outings
By Dalton
Pulling weeds outside
Fun community outing
Lawn mowing the grass

By Jake
Dog, cat, elephant
Dolphin, spider, rabbit, owl
Butterfly, ant, bird

By Brock
Our apples are young
They still need more time to grow
I want to eat them

By Jake & Heather
Swimming in the sea
Bring your boat and your glasses
Beautiful sunshine

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