Summer Vacations with Terravine Growers featuring Tyler and Ben

Summer is a great time of year to enjoy time with family and friends exploring places new and old! This week, we discussed our summer vacations with two of our growers, Tyler and Ben.

Q: Where did you go on summer vacation this year?

Tyler: I went on vacation to Sandpoint, Idaho for Independence Day. I stayed at my parents’ lake house.

Ben: To Mount Hood Kiwanis Camp in Oregon.

Q: What did you do on your vacation?

Ben: I went to fireworks, I had a barbecue at camp, and I gave Smokey the Bear a hug!

Tyler: I marched in a big Independence Day Parade and carried a big American Flag and saw fireworks. I also did a firework show and lit fireworks! I had a good time! I also went to church. I also went boating on the lake.

Q: Who did you spend time with on your vacation?

Tyler: My family and friends; all of the people I love and care about.

Ben: I spent time with Vanessa, my camp counselor, and the other campers.

Q: What was your favorite part of your vacation?

Tyler: I went inner tubing. I love doing that every year!

Ben: I went horse back riding. That’s my favorite part of camp.

Q: What was your favorite thing that you ate on vacation? 

Ben: Hot dogs and s’mores.

Tyler: Cheeseburgers! And s’mores too!

Q: Do you want to share anything else about your vacation?

Ben: I went canoeing at camp. I slept in a cabin with my other campers. I went on an adventure course with a zip line. I flew through the air!

Tyler: I went shopping at my very special store Walmart! I enjoyed my time and had the most joyful time!

One thought on “Summer Vacations with Terravine Growers featuring Tyler and Ben

  1. Shan Kramer says:

    Tyler is our nephew. I can hear his sweet voice as I read. Since we have been to all the places he mentions and taken part in those same activities, this interview brings it all back and the fun we have had with Tyler and his family. Thank you for posting this! We love you Tyler!

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