Terravine Growers

Terravine Growers is run by a team of eight young men with autism and other disabilities. Each member brings unique talents, personal interests and hard work to make Terravine Growers possible. Together, we are cultivating a sustainable future for our community and ourselves.

The Growers

Dalton Spezialy

Dalton Joseph Spezialy is originally from Redmond, Washington and is one of the founding growers here at Terravine.

Dalton enjoys working in the greenhouse and planting lettuce, pumpkins, watermelon, tomatoes and potatoes in the fields. He also enjoys greeting customers while making CSA deliveries in Bellevue and Ellensburg, WA.

When he’s not at Terravine, Dalton enjoys reading and listening to music. Dalton’s favorite vegetables are lettuce and kale.

John “Jake” Dillow

John, also known as Jake, is originally from Seattle, Washington. He joined the Terravine team in 2013 with a large amount of agricultural experience.

At Terravine, John likes to work outside, seed vegetables, and to water the crops. When he is not at work, John enjoys traveling and going on trips with his family and friends.

He also really likes dinosaurs. John’s favorite vegetable is tomatoes.

Tyler Rands

Tyler is from Redmond, Washington and began working at Terravine Growers in 2013.

As one of the original members of Terravine, Tyler has a wealth of experience working on the farm, engaging with customers and growing the business. He enjoys planting, harvesting lettuce and making CSA deliveries to Bellevue and Ellensburg, Washington.

In his free time, Tyler is an avid skier and a decorated athlete. His favorite vegetables are corn and carrots.

Scott Hiebert

Scott Hiebert is originally from British Columbia, Canada. He moved to Redmond, Washington before moving to Ellensburg, Washington in 2017.

His favorite task at Terravine Growers is to plant lettuce in the greenhouse. In his free time, Scott enjoys going to the park and swinging. He loves to go out for lunch and dinner with his friends and colleagues.

Scott’s favorite vegetables are cucumbers and carrots.

Ben Laidler

Ben is originally from Portland, Oregon. He started working at Terravine in 2014.

On the farm, Ben enjoys feeding and taking care of the cows and the chickens. He also enjoys harvesting carrots and broccoli. In his free time, Ben likes to walk with horses, is an avid reader and enjoys studying maps.

Ben’s favorite vegetables are carrots and lettuce.

Brock McCulloch

Brock grew up in Mill Creek, Washington and joined the Terravine Growers team in 2014. On the farm, Brock enjoys seeding vegetables in the greenhouse, harvesting and delivering CSA boxes to our customers in Ellensburg and Bellevue, WA.

Brock is the farm’s leading comedian as he is always looking for ways to make his coworkers laugh and to brighten their days. Brock enjoys his job because he gets to be outside and work alongside his friends. Brock is a dedicated sports fan.

When he’s not at work, you will often find him cheering on the Seahawks, Mariners, Portland Trailblazers, Washington Huskies and the Washington State Cougars. Brock’s favorite vegetable is peppers.

Nathan Waterhouse

Nathan Waterhouse is originally from Seattle, Washington and began working at Terravine Growers in 2016.

At Terravine, he enjoys seeding in the garden beds and making sure the farm stays organized. In his free time, Nathan enjoys exploring the town with his friends and colleagues, watching movies and going hiking.

His favorite vegetable is peppers.

Steve Paulson

Stephen is originally from Bellingham, Washington and began working at Terravine Growers in 2014.

Steve likes preparing the fields for planting, managing the compost and ensuring the lettuce operations are running smoothly. When he’s not at Terravine, Steve enjoys being outside, hiking, and going to the jump park. He likes listening to classical music and opera and reading Harry Potter.

Steve’s favorite vegetables are cherry tomatoes.