Veggie Poll

We asked our growers and support staff what their favorite vegetables are that we are growing here at Terravine Growers this year. Here’s what we learned:

  • Support staff Anabel and Alicia are most excited about cabbage
  • Cauliflower is a favorite among Tyler and Renae
  • Farmers Scott and Steve are eager to enjoy potatoes
  • Nathan Waterhouse is looking forward to watermelon
  • Hot peppers, snap peas, carrots and cherry tomatoes are also popular among the staff
  • Benjamin’s favorite vegetable on the farm is our lettuce
  • Brock is enjoying the broccoli
  • Sweet Potatoes, a new crop for us, are Dalton’s favorite
  • Jake is partial to cucumbers 
  • Farm manager Zach is a fan of the broccoli

Our farmers’ tastes might be all over the map but one thing is clear – we have some of the best produce in town!

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